A Fresh New Beginning With A Fabulous New Release!


Released 2.9.2015

After weeks of collaborating with the fabulous Kerry Lonsdale of Melia Creative, I am pleased to display the website of my dreams–and the one I crashed for a few hours last night while attempting to add lines of code enabling me to post a signature at the end of each blog post. Thankfully, Kerry is a coding goddess and was able to save my sorry inexperienced rear from further calamity. If that isn’t reason enough to hire Melia Creative for your web designing, the website itself is further proof of her amazing talents. I gave her the theme and style I wanted and somehow she was able to dig into my brain and pull out my personality. She’s a genius. And you need to hire her.


Is it time for a walk, yet? Vixen doing her best to behave…and mildly succeeding. :)

Right after you pick up my latest release, Miss Winters Proposes, that just happened to hit virtual shelves right in the middle of my website transformation. Miss Winters is all about blackmail, puppies, and ‘breeding’. I really enjoyed incorporating my love of dogs into the storyline and making them a part of the cast. I modeled most of their behavior after my own beloved standard poodle, Vixen, and had a blast picking the brain of her breeder, the amazing Spirit Poodles of Minnesota. They were an enormous help and I can’t thank them enough. I also watched copious amounts of Youtube videos on dog breeding and whelping for a more through understanding into the process. Fun times, let me tell, ya. I have links all over the website for Miss Winters Proposes, enabling you to pick up your very own copy. And for those who have already purchased, thank you gobs. I appreciate your support. :)

But, enough with the self-promotion. How about the pretty website Kerry slaved over? I wanted something that conveyed both the historical nature of my books and their light, flirty feel. I also wanted something that displayed my love for all things shabby chic and think Kerry captured that perfectly. I now have a website that fully represents ME.

With a new website, I also have new features–like a newsletter sign-up, that is only to keep you abreast of an upcoming release, PROMISE! I will not spam, Scout’s honor! I also have new pages listing my progress on upcoming projects, and a fancy new blog I broke my website fussing over. I look forward to future posts detailing the randomness of my writing and personal life. Be sure to subscribe by clicking on the signup button on the side. Because you need my quirkiness. :) I try and post weekly, but life and deadlines often delay my good intentions. *sigh*

Either way, poke around the site, have fun, and know your support means the world to me!